Westchester Produce: Fresh Delivered.

We deliver a mixed box of fresh seasonal produce from the market right to your door via contactless delivery each week!

Customer Testimonials

Getting produce delivery is so convenient during these hectic times.  The produce is always fresh and we've been able to try fruits and vegetables we would have never thought of getting at the market!

Michael (Bronxville, NY)

Westchester Produce has been delivering my fresh fruit and veggies since the early days of the lockdown and they do not disappoint! Each box has a diverse variety and plenty of it! From the eggplants the size of footballs to the avocados, every box is jam packed with fresh items that last so much longer than produce from the markets. Unlike deliveries from grocery stores, the raspberries aren’t moldy and the apples aren’t bruised - there is no trying to offload the unwanted foods. Selected fresh same day, with contactless delivery, easy Venmo payments, and a great selection at my doorstep, I don’t know why I wasn’t doing this long before the lockdown.

Karen (Rye Brook, NY)

Westchester Produce has been a wonderful choice for my family!  At the beginning of the pandemic, I was using different delivery options and always lamented about the state of the produce I was getting.  All of the produce that Westchester Produce delivers to us is so fresh, the choices are great and it's very affordable!

Lauren, (Port Chester, NY)

I get a nice surprise every time I open the box-- the selection of fruits and veggies are different each week. Best produce in the county.

Gaby (Harrison, NY)

We were lucky to discover Westchester Produce through neighbors just when the world got crazy. Receiving the surprise box of fresh produce at our doorstep has been a highlight of our week ever since!  We have been able to try so many new kinds of fruits and vegetables and new recipes. So healthy, convenient and affordable! Thank you, Westchester Produce!!

Dawn (Bronxville, NY)

Westchester Produce has become one of the “silver linings” of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a win-win situation: beautifully fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables are delivered to my doorstep and I am supporting a local business. We look forward to the weekly delivery for staple items plus always something new!

Diana (Purchase, NY)


Brussels Sprouts!

How do you prepare your sprouts? We love ours shaved or sliced thin, with some oil and salt roasted in the oven!

Grape season!

Grape season in the U.S. goes through early December and you can expect some of the best from different California vineyards.


We love featuring berries in our boxes! Pictured above are sweet and plump jumbo blueberries!

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