2021 Thanksgiving produce boxes! They're back!

We are proud to announce the 2021 Thanksgiving Produce Boxes! Last year was our first year doing them and the feedback was amazing! This year will be no different. You'll get every Item you need for Thanksgiving dinner (besides the turkey)! Item list below and on attached flyer.
If you usually order direct, just text us, if you usually order online links are below!


Deliveries will take place on

Monday 11/22 (Lower+Upper Westchester/Lower Connecticut)

Tuesday 11/23 (Lower Westchester)

(Regular box/Large box)
Yams (~2.5lbs/5lbs)
Potatoes (~2.5lbs/5lbs)
Onions (~2.5lbs/5lbs)
Carrots (~2.5lbs/5lbs)
Celery (1 bunch/2bunches)
Shallots (3 count/5 count)
Garlic (1 head/3 heads)
Mushrooms (3 Pounds)
String Beans (~2.5lbs/5lbs)
Brussels or Asparagus or Broccoli (whatever is freshest) (1 Bunch/ 2 bunches)
Parsley (1 Bunch)
Sage (1/2 Bunch/ 1 bunch)
Rosemary (1/2 Bunch/ 1 bunch)
Thyme (1/2 Bunch/ 1 bunch)
Cranberries (1 Bag/ 2 bags)
Oranges (3 Count)
Apples (6 Count/ 12 count)
Lemons (3 Count/ 6 count)
Limes (3 Count/ 6 count)

Plus add-on:
3lbs of Chestnuts for $30
Fruit Box for $30
or both add-ons for $50

4 great reasons to order our Thanksgiving box!
  1. No standing in line or going to the crowded grocery store.
  2. Get everything fresh from the market delivered right to your door.
  3. Two sizes to choose from.
  4. Did I mention no standing in line at the store?

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