Deliveries to Lower/Upper Westchester + Lower Connecticut this week!

We are delivering all over Westchester (lower/upper) plus lower Connecticut (stamford/greenwich) this week! Get some amazing fruits and veggies delivered from the market to your door. Order your mixed produce box now! This week's email is below.
Order for this week:
Upper Westchester/ Lower Connecticut:
All of Westchester + Lower Connecticut deliveries this week!!
The best produce delivered from market to door...
Fresh produce delivered from the market right to your front door!
Deliveries to Lower/Upper Westchester + Greenwich & Stamford, Connecticut this week! Order before we sell out!
Citrus has started to arrive at the market! It won't be in full swing for at least another few weeks but we were lucky enough to have the first tangerines of the season grown in Florida! They were really juicy! We hope you enjoyed them.
We like using different varieties of apples in our boxes. So far we've had both fujis and galas. Last week we went for the crisp and sweet honeycrisp! Let's see what comes this week!
Berries! Now that the weather is cooling off look for all types of berries in the boxes. The strawberries coming in from California have been beautiful. We've also been getting some great raspberries the last couple of weeks.
Veggies! We're getting all the local veggies while we can. Depending on what day you got your box last week you were treated to some more local veggies. Carrot bunches, cauliflower or string beans, all grown within miles of Westchester!
If you don't need a box for this week, you can now order for the following week! Just click here to order for the week of 10/17!
Order to find out why we were a finalist for Westchester Magazine's 2023 'Best of Westchester.'

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