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The very best grapes!!

It's grape season...


Fresh produce delivered from the market right to your front door!

We will be delivering in both lower and upper Westchester plus Stamford & Greenwich Connecticut this week!

Tis the season, (not that season) grape season! Expect different varieties of grapes in your box each week! Last week we had Sweet Globe (green) plus either Sweet Surrender or Autumn Royal (both black). Let's see what arrives this week!

Apples! Apple season is here and with that comes many different types. Last week we had Gala apples from Washington State! Galas are one of the sweetest apples. We're going to try to get as many varieties as we can.

Avocados are back in the box! We didn't really have avocados in our boxes over the summer, but now that fall hit we will be using them as much as we can! Who doesn't like a ripe avocado? We buy the best!

We also featured melons, honeyglow pineapples, mushrooms, broccoli and more last week!

After some customer feedback we now added an item onto the website to order for 2 weeks from now! If you don't need a box for this week, you can now order for the following week! Just click here to order for the week of 10/3!

Order to find out why we were a finalist for Westchester Magazine's 2023 'Best of Westchester.'

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